A New Experience

Capturing the day with my iPhone.

I am finally recovered from all the excitement of my first show at Augusta, Kentucky’s “Art in the Garden” where I had my new 10′ x 10′ tent set up on the banks of the Ohio River as one of 60 artists. I don’t know if I will do it again but the experience was priceless. I sold 4 framed pieces on site and have sold 3 others since so I did earn more than experience!

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My Unexpected House Guest

Heading out for the day I decided to forgo the elevator and take the stairs when down on the 3rd floor I serendipitously ran into a female cardinal trapped and trying to escape thru the window glass. I ran back upstairs, unlocked my apartment, set down my purse, and rushed out on the back porch to grab a handful of seeds from the bird feeder as bait. The bird only let me get so close then took to flight playing hide-n-seek with me in the stairwell. Finally I coaxed her from behind to fly up to the top floor and into the open doorway of my apartment. She flew right to the front room with all the windows and I freaked-out a little as she banged into the window trying to fly on out into the treetops. I cautiously approached her with the food I still had in my hand but she didn’t completely trust me. She did, however, graciously pose as I grabbed my camera from the other room a proceeded to take some close-ups of her. She flew from the window and perched on a rung of a wooden chair as I opened up all the windows and their screens, giving her several escape routes. She decided to stay a little longer so I grabbed my tripod to get some really steady shots of her. As she watch me take a few with natural light and then a couple with the flash I imagined she would tell her friends similar stories to those of sci-fi abductees about flying saucers and being probed by alien creatures. About a human with her big black box that had one giant eye and an occasional blinding light that emmitted from it. I empathsized with my feathered visitor and gently set the camera aside to guide her attention toward the open windows and her freedom. As fast as I could blink she was gone, leaving me with nothing but fond memories and a permanent image I would share as my “Pic of the Day” on facebook

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Tromp & Trolley

Sunflower Field

Friday Evening was the first Tromp & Trolley I participated in since joining the Ohio River Valley Artists Guild. It started out raining and the weather was hot and muggy but still I Tromped around (I should have used the Trolley!) downtown historic Maysville to see all the other artists at their locations. Pictured is the latest piece I had framed by Russell Hughes (The Home Frame Shop) for this occasion. It is called “Sunflower Field”. I photographed it at a farm I visited in Franklin, Kentucky last September where I photographed my sunflower prints. My next projects are getting “Winter Barn” framed in the same panoramic format for Art in the Garden in Augusta Kentucky and “Butterfly on Sunflower” for the Maple Knoll exhibit in Cincinnati, Ohio. I’m hoping for better weather that first week in June!

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Lost in the Bright Side

Tufted Titmouse

Tufted Titmouse

So what could possibly be the bright side of spending 3 days in bed trying unsuccessfully to appease an angry sciatic nerve? Just about the sweetest capture of this Tufted Titmouse that visits my feeder everyday.

As I lay there in agony, alternating heat treatments and ice packs on my lower lumbar, I decided I might as well open the window closest to the corner post of the balcony railing outside where the neighborhood birds occasionally stand to wait their turn at the feeder or suet pack. The winter sun has not shown here for so long, resulting in all my fowl photos being taken in the heavy north shadow of my home (blowing out the bright Ohio River Valley in the background).

 I sat the camera on it’s tripod close enough to the bed so I could hold the cable shutter release in my hand. I aimed it at the white post all ready for a feathered creature to land while I watched TV. –Auto Focus. Continuous Shooting. Aperture Priority 3.2– Well they didn’t fall for it! Not with the open window and the huge eyeball of a lens staring directly at them. I decided to lure them in by sharing some of the Trail Mix I was snacking on. Then to add to the beauty of the shot I moved a potted vine closer to the post and wrapped some of the leaves around the railing. They couldn’t resist! Once they saw the red-bellied woodpecker come and get a treat unharmed every other species took its turn picking their favorite selection from the mix of nuts and berries. All I had to do was push and hold my thumb down on the cable shutter release.

Day 1 – All the shots I took were out of focus because the camera’s auto-focus zeroed in on the vine in front of the post. Tomorrow I will set the focus manually.

Day 2 – The depth of field was too shallow on everything from the big Blue Jays to the tiny Chickadees. Tomorrow I will set the Aperture to 5.6 and up the ISO to 200

Day 3 – Perfection!

Taking advantage of my confinement with photography does so much more than just keeping my mind off my misery!

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April Showers

Night Lights at Noon due to Rain Storm

It’s been almost a week since I was able to get out and about with my camera. The “April Showers” have made it frustrating because there are so many things blooming this week and the high winds and rains make it impossible for the new plant life to hold still for the camera!

I was able to get in a productive photo shoot last Saturday just walking several blocks from my home to downtown Maysville. It was overcast and I did get caught in a rain storm just past the courthouse and had to walk home in the rain, but I had my umbrella and was able to get so many great captures that I still haven’t been able to post them all on facebook yet!

It’s been a long winter of having to buy flowers at Kroger to photographs, I’m so anxious to get back out into nature and get photographs of all blooms it offers us to enjoy for free!

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The Trees are Blooming!

Even before leaves appeared, buds made their annual showing and in a matter of days they are in full bloom! I’m glad I got out to see them in the 70 degree weather this week because snow is predicted for tomorrow.

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Newborn Calves

This is the furthest the newborn calf would stray from her mother.

I grew up in San Ysidro, California (right up the road from Dairy Mart Farms) believing that all cows were smooth with black & white spots. Our cousins would come visit from Indiana to what my uncle called “Cow-y-fornia.” Now I can’t help but gaze at every single cow I pass on the north-eastern Kentucky’s winding country roads and 4 lane highways. They have fur! Brown like buffalo, black, and curly-headed tan ones! But this is the first year I was out and about on the first day of Spring and was struck how every single farm with cows had at least one newborn calf. Does every single cow share the same birthday? I mean, really! are they all born on the same day each year?

So I set my camera up and watched this newborn calf on the LED screen on the back. It skipped, ran circles around its mother, tripped and rolled over to expose his white belly, then wobbled back up on his feet while I laughed with delight. With occasional 5 minute naps or nursing from it’s momma it just celebrated it’s new surrounding outside of the womb as if to say, “This is so great! I never knew all this grass and stuff existed!” On an odd note I noticed it only ran around its mother in a counter-clockwise direction. I’ll have to Google that.

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The Sign of the Daffodils

The first sign of Spring in this part of Kentucky is the advent of the daffodils. The snow barely melts and we monitor the thick clumps of green as they grow daily, anticipating the big yellow blooms. BAM! They suddenly appear and oddly enough on that same day all the grass has turned green. What is the magical mix of half day and half night that triggers this annual phenomenon? The same thing that fills our lives with renewed hope after the long winter months of limited sunlight… Spring is here!

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Spring Arrives in Kentucky

The first day of Spring (vernal equinox) arrived with mostly clear weather, giving us hope to see the Super Moon in all it’s glory.

We were told in the news that the full moon would appear 16% larger tonight because it would be closer to earth than it had in almost 20 years. Well it sounded too good to be true so several photographers here in Kentucky decided to have a meet-up at the Amtrack train station on the Ohio River here in Maysville to capture the event digitally. It was a great time meeting new friends and catching up on things with old ones. The plan was to all be ready as the moon broke the horizon over the Simon Kenton Bridge (a landmark in Maysville) so we picked our favorite vantage points. We were all a-buzz with anticipitation but shortly after 8:00pm we began to doubt that the moon was even going to appear (as if it would just decide not to show it’s self for the first time in all of history). But it did appear, and instantly a strange hush fell over the small group of photographers. “There it is!”

It was all eyes to the view finders. Not a word was spoken.

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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