Basil Day

It’s Basil Day At Marcella House!

This morning I took the potted basil out of my windowsill herb garden and set it on the coffee table. I decided it’s time to educate myself on herbs so the plan is to learn about a new herb every day. I sat on the couch in front of the basil plant with Rodale’s Illustrated Encyclopedia of Herbs and read the whole section on basil. I had pinched off a leaf and rubbed it between my fingers to release it’s fragrance as I read. When I was done I got the kitchen scissors out and pruned a nice batch off the top of the plant to encourage a more dense growth. After setting the clump of cuttings on the coffee table I read the Essential Oil’s Desk Reference on basil. It pretty much repeated the highlights from the Herb Encyclopedia. I was now inspired to defuse some basil essential oil and contemplate how to implement the cuttings in my cooking today. 


When lunchtime came around it was a grass-fed turkey patty with Himalayan sea salt, tumeric for taste, topped with a basil cutting. While it was cooking I sliced up the rest of the basil leaves and stems to put in an organic salad. I read that the flowers are edible so I tossed them in the salad too. It ended up being the most enjoyable salad! My dressing was First Fresh Olive Oil and Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar (with the mother). 


(Turkey burger w/ Basil sides: onion, mushroom, garlic clove, sauerkraut, and a date)

I have no idea what the herb of the day will be tomorrow… Maybe Mint?

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