The Auto Immune Protocol Diet

Today I begin following the Paleo AIP Diet. To keep myself from hopeless thinking like, “On no! I can never eat normal food again!” I am only committing to 21 days of it. That’s how long it take to form a habit and that also brings me up on the weekend of my 60th birthday.

This week I have been eating all the dairy, grains and nuts in the house so they will be out of reach in a moment of weakness. I also have been watering down my morning mug of coffee and cutting down to one small glass of Diet Dr Pepper a day and to avoid caffeine withdrawal when I eliminate them completely. I have already cut out all alcohol over a week ago.

So why the drastic measures? Well I may bore you with the details in another blog but basically I have several auto immune diseases and the medical treatment that has worked for many years has stopped working. The only medical solution now (and it might not even work) is to “bring in the big guns” as my dermatologist put it. They are known as Biologics, genetically-engineered proteins derived from human genes. You may have seen ads for them on TV with all the scary risk factors listed at the end. Because my liver is compromised already I’m am not a good candidate for using them. Honestly, I chose this diet out of mortal fear!

I belong to several auto immune support groups and those that have been disciplined enough to follow the AIP Diet have gotten good results. So wish me luck… I’m running out of options.


My first official AIP meal was Cuban Style Mojo Chicken Wings & Collard Greens with Bacon. Thanks “Paleo On The Go” for making this thing whole thing possible. There is no way I could have shopped for and cooked this on my own.

Collard Greens, bacon, onions, sea salt, chicken stock, lard, balsamic vinegar
Cuban Style Mojo Chicken Wings – pasture raised antibiotic free chicken, lime, garlic, oregano, cilantro, olive oil, arrowroot, sea salt

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  1. Looks yummy! Good luck, Lorraine! You can do it!

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