Silver Lining

I’m trying not to be upset over the fact that I had to send in my main camera lens for repair. It refused to focus properly, especially when zoomed into infinity.

I don’t mind, so much, that I am without my lens for a few weeks… I mind that the repair cost may be several hundreds of dollars that I do not have. (At least it isn’t my expensive macro lens on the fritz!)  I tried to get away using it with limited focus range but after a photo shoot on the observation deck of the Carew Tower (the tallest building downtown Cincinnati) I discovered I was getting way better photographs with my iPhone.

So now I am without my lens but not without my need to capture everything I see. I started taking lots of iPhone photographs and then out of boredom I searched the AppStore for camera editing applications. I was ultimately fascinated with the “Grunge” apps, downloaded a couple of them, and they have become the silver lining in this whole lens fiasco!

Now I keep my mind consumed by learning all the texture and tone varieties in the apps, and capturing my world thru a new (dare I say… grungy) pointy of view.

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1 Response to Silver Lining

  1. Ken swinson says:

    When painting, sometimes I only allow myself one color or brush. I learn how far I can take my work with a limited toolbox.
    No matter what the lens, you have a great perspective!

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