Summer Solstice


The sun rose directly in front of me today. This is the most northern sunrise of the year.

This morning I was out on the back porch overlooking the river at 6:00am waiting to celebrate the sunrise with the birds on this first day of summer. It will be the longest day of the year! Right as the sun breaks the horizon there is always a lot of movement as the clouds expand and get sucked down into it’s heat. Only momentarily did I see the full sun and it disappeared into all the clouds that gathered to welcome it.

Today the sun rose at its most northern point, and will travel the closest to earth that it will all year. Tomorrow it will rise a tad to the right of where it is in my photograph, and there will be 2 whole seconds less of daylight. There is still time to celebrate though, sunset at 9:08 (giving us 14 hours, 55 minutes, and 36 seconds of sunlight here on our little slice of plant earth).

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1 Response to Summer Solstice

  1. Ken Swinson says:

    gorgeous! Love the way the light comes through the clouds.

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