Newborn Calves

This is the furthest the newborn calf would stray from her mother.

I grew up in San Ysidro, California (right up the road from Dairy Mart Farms) believing that all cows were smooth with black & white spots. Our cousins would come visit from Indiana to what my uncle called “Cow-y-fornia.” Now I can’t help but gaze at every single cow I pass on the north-eastern Kentucky’s winding country roads and 4 lane highways. They have fur! Brown like buffalo, black, and curly-headed tan ones! But this is the first year I was out and about on the first day of Spring and was struck how every single farm with cows had at least one newborn calf. Does every single cow share the same birthday? I mean, really! are they all born on the same day each year?

So I set my camera up and watched this newborn calf on the LED screen on the back. It skipped, ran circles around its mother, tripped and rolled over to expose his white belly, then wobbled back up on his feet while I laughed with delight. With occasional 5 minute naps or nursing from it’s momma it just celebrated it’s new surrounding outside of the womb as if to say, “This is so great! I never knew all this grass and stuff existed!” On an odd note I noticed it only ran around its mother in a counter-clockwise direction. I’ll have to Google that.


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